Although Carol Leith is best known for her Monkeypuzzle designs, a prolific artist/designer she has an extensive range of art works. These include mosaics, stained glass paintings, greeting cards, illustrations and book illustrations. Apart from her visual art she has also written many poems, short stories as well as a book for young teenagers, ‘A Cloud Of Souls’ available on Kindle.

Many people have tried to contact Carol over the years as her work has become collectible, especially her Monkeypuzzles and this website is aiming to showcase her work as well as offering the opportunity for collectors to purchase some works from her own private collection. Although
She produced several thousand Monkeypuzzles over the Twenty five years her company was in production there are only a limited amount remaining in her collection.  However most of the original sketches and design work still remains, some of which she will offer to collectors who are keen to add to their collections. All designs are copyright Carol Leith and may not be used to reproduce her designs.

Carol undertook commissions from art galleries including The Art Institute Of Chicago, The Guggenheim, and several others.  She was asked to interpret works of art such as Sunday ‘In The Park’ (Seurat), ‘The Green Violinist’ Chagall, and many others.  Some of these will be offered on this website from time to time, but Carol has a very limited amount in her collection and once they have been sold then there will not be any more so collectors need to be vigilant if they wish to purchase any of her work all of which will be signed.

Carol Leith produced the Monkeypuzzle range from 1976-2000 and extended her design work into Mosaics, Art stamps and greeting cards.
Her background in the animation industry formed a large influence in her work.  She worked on several animation films before leaving London to start her own business in Norfolk in 1975 where along with her friend Sally, she gave ‘birth’ to Monkeypuzzle.  Within the year their ‘baby’ company was escalated into a large hand crafted industry.  All the puzzles were hand made and no two are identical.  Sally retired from the company to concentrate on her young family whilst Carol took the company on to extend into the mass craft and gift industry exporting Monkeypuzzle all over the world.

The range, which included tiny matchbox designs to the larger designs, grew each year and new designs were added to the range continually.
Carol was known as an innovative   designer leading the way in three dimensional art jigsaw sculptures and reviving pop up paper designs in greeting card format. Which led to her company, Monkeypuzzle,  receiving ‘The Gift Award’ two years running for her ‘sculptural wooden puzzles’ and her ‘Paper Sculpture’ designs.

Monkeypuzzle ceased to trade after 2000 due to the amount of inferior imitations filtering onto the market.  Monkeypuzzle prided itself in the fact that every piece was hand cut and finished by highly trained and skilled craftspeople and Carol refused to succumb to short cuts and mass production.

Carol has spent the last few years concentrating on writing and painting and now enjoys experimenting with different media.  Her work can be viewed on this website. She is happy to take on commissions for her work.  She can be contacted by email and will endeavour to answer any questions regarding her work.