Monkeypuzzle was created in 1976 by friends Carol Leith and Sally North in a small Norfolk Village. Carol would like to thank Sally and her generous husband Tom for helping to get this company 'born'. Thank you Sally. The Monkeypuzzle designs included a wide range of freestanding sculptural jigsaw puzzles. Some of the larger ones were specifically commissioned by galleries and were only produced in limited editions.

‘Please do take a close look through the pages of the ‘historic’ catalogue. If you see something which you might like to purchase then please do contact me by email.

I am now offering up for sake some of my own personal collection. These rare retro Monkeypuzzles have become collectible. The prices vary depending on the condition of each individual puzzle and rarity of the design. Every puzzle was hand made individually and so no two are alike. Some designs are from a range of limited editions which were commissioned by museums such as the Guggenheim, Art Institute of Chicago and others. These designs are much sort after and I have very few in my collection.

I’m keen to see my puzzles go to those collectors who will value and appreciate them for the ‘works of art’ which they are. ‘

I do hope you enjoy my work and I would love to hear from you.

Why not frame your MONKEYPUZZLE and hang on the wall. This way there is no fear of losing any of the pieces, they remain dust free and you can admire them easily..

Social media is not my strong point as I am of am from the ‘stone age’ generation. Or as a really lovely American friend referred to it as ‘

The Stoned Age!’ That is to say most of my growing up was done in the 60s.

So please bare with me as I’m still learning this ‘modern, although not so modern now’ technology!

On the images below you will be able to explore the Monkeypuzzle Gallery, Catalogues and overall history.